Can a Woman Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes?

NOPE! Impossible! You can never have too many pairs of shoes. My boyfriend would not really agree with this statement…probably because my shoes are literally scattered everywhere…and I leave him no room in any closet for his shoes, or anything for that matter…poor soul. Even my mother thinks I have too many boots…crazy lady…doesn’t even believe in dinosaurs…what does she know?! 😉

So I’ve seen lace-up flats everywhere – basically the hottest look right now – and I have been searching for months to find some for my tiny feet! I snatched a pair from Aldo back in February before they ran out of my size! I finally had the perfect flats and then I noticed the strings started to fray…and one day at work…well…that was the end of the flats. My wardrobe – ruined. Luckily, I had saved the bill so I went to Aldo to tell them how sad I was about my relatively new and broken shoes. They provided great customer service and replaced the shoes for me! Unfortunately they didn’t have my size in the same pair – so I found something very similar (obviously I had to order online for a size 5) and I love them! In fact…might like them better than the other pair!

These are a my favourite flats…they give a simple outfit a huge boost of style! And you can never go wrong with black – they will go with everything. You’ll certainly be seeing these again and again on the blog. Keep your eyes peeled for the various ways you can wear them!


3 Dresses

Hey everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA with my posts lately..I spent some time in Florida which was glorious:) But I am super pumped for spring…if it ever decides to show up…and ready to share some fun posts!

I am honoured and so excited that I will be in the wedding party of my wonderful, amazing, beautiful friends – John and Layan! I cannot wait to share their special day with them! This will be my third time being a bridesmaid (once a maid of honour) – always a bridesmaid never a bride as my mom noted! HA! Oh that mother of mine…

So, being a bridesmaid means everything fun and girly  – dress, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, invitations…lots and lots of planning. The night I found out I was standing (after the tears of joy) I was already on David’s Bridal searching for a dress (clearly super excited). Layan is having the girls choose a style they feel comfortable in as long as it’s in the shade she has chosen and knee/mid calf length. I decided to go on a roadie to David’s Bridal in London and tie in a visit with my brother. Teron had to be on his game that day since he would be the only one helping me decide on a dress…and let me tell you…I was a tad worried about this.

I was bit overwhelmed when we first got there…way too many dresses, so many damn colours – but I found a few different styles I liked and headed to the dressing room. Teron was actually a great helper (and photographer)…I had eliminated a bunch of dresses and had it narrowed down to a few. He was like my Randy from Say Yes to the Dress! After I had tried on all the dresses, he sent me back to the change room  to try them on again so his engineering brain could analyze further!  He took a good look at all of them trying to decide which one he thought looked the best. He told me which dress was the most flattering and his final decision.  I was leaning towards the same one but wanted to get the bride’s opinion first! And surprise surprise… the dress I went with was the one he told me to get.. guess he really was helpful…who’s the fashionista now?

Can’t wait to celebrate these two love birds!

And the winner is ….


Winter Blues

Now that it’s March and winter is basically over (I think)…I wanted to squeeze in a post about this blue coat. My parents bought it for my birthday a few years ago – isn’t it just beautiful? I love the detailed pockets, and the bow on the back…don’t even get me started on that! It is a classic piece that will get me through many winters (probably becuase I hardly wear it). Every year my mom yells at me to wear the damn blue coat (her exact words)..and obviously she’s always right!

P.S. I was super excited when I realized how well the heels matched…why hadn’t I thought of this sooner?

Purely Makeup

I absolutely love trying new beauty products – I’m always searching for that perfect foundation or lipstick. I had an amazing opportunity to try out Arbonne samples! If you haven’t heard of Arbonne – it is a unique health and wellness company that creates products that are 100% vegan. These products are pure, safe and beneficial – all the products contain botanically based ingredients, they are tested, and they provide results. I’ve never really paid attention to the various ingredients in my makeup, but after using the samples I feel that the botanically based ingredients really do create healthy-looking skin. I decided I’d like to give the cosmetics a try because I’m a ‘girly girl’ who loves makeup!

First up – the primer. This is honestly the silkiest and smoothest primer I’ve tried. All you need is a pea size amount and it leaves your skin feeling so soft, minimizes the appearance of pores and you’re ready for your next step – liquid foundation. I found the Alabaster shade to be the best for me. I really enjoyed this foundation – it went on evenly and didn’t dry out my skin. I would say the foundation gave me pretty good coverage. Unfortunately I didn’t get my dad’s nice Italian skin – I was blessed with red skin from my lovely mother – so I’m not sure if this is the perfect coverage for me.

Next up – the mineral powder foundation. I found this product was really good to cover up any other blemishes and redness that the liquid didn’t completely cover – it gives you the chance to get a flawless finish – and again it doesn’t dry out the skin. This combined with the liquid foundation gave me the coverage I needed.

Lastly – the setting powder – this goes on after all the other steps and blush. I thought it was quite nice – I focused on my cheeks, t-zone and chin. You could probably skip this step, but it does give a nice shimmer and makes you feel like your face is complete!

CC cream – I’ve never really used a CC cream before. I have tried some random samples from my mom and thought to myself – what is this even doing? I found it never did anything for my skin so I didn’t have high expectations for this product – but this could be my new favourite product! I put it on, followed by the mineral powder and was shocked – I couldn’t believe how nice my skin looked. It provided really good coverage, evened out my skin tone and guess what else…didn’t dry out my skin! I found throughout the day it wore really well. I wear foundation every day and usually find half way through the day my skin tends to get a bit red and greasy looking (which is why you’ll never find me without my powder) Anyways…with the CC cream my skin didn’t get greasy! I can’t explain my excitement about this product!

Lipstick – WOW! This stuff feels like butter on your lips – it’s so creamy and soft! This lipstick is amazing. It goes on smoothly, the colours are so vibrant and it has the perfect amount of shine to it. I definitely fell in love with the lipstick and knowing the ingredients are botanically based makes it even better – plus it lasts for hours! The only dilemma – choosing a colour!

Overall, I found these products worked really well. The nicest thing for me was feeling like I wasn’t wearing makeup. My skin felt so natural, and I never felt like I was caking it on. Sometimes I tend to put a bit more than necessary foundation/powder to hide the redness – so even if I really layered it on it still never looked like I was over doing it.

Contact Maggie Thomas if you are interested in trying out some Arbonne products.



Mobile: 705-923-7723

She is an Arbonne Independent Consultant and she knows the products so well. She can definitely point you in the right direction and help you find the best products for your needs! I highly recommend testing these products out.

Thank you Maggie for this opportunity and thank you for reading!



Welcome back Jade 🙂 I’m excited to get back into the blogging world! I’ve realized since a lot of my style has come from my mom (who is quite the classy lady) I’d start with a classic piece -a black blazer.

Every woman should have a go-to blazer in her closet – it’s such a versatile item. A blazer is always a great professional look but you can easily dress it down to make it a casual weekend style. I love the look of distressed jeans, a basic tee and a blazer – finish it off with some booties and you are ready for a fantastic Saturday! Happy weekend!












A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Coco Chanel

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a hair freak! Chopping my hair (even against my mum and sister’s wishes), growing it, bangs, no bangs…it goes on and on. Usually every few months I’m asking my friends what to do with my hair! I spent 8 months straight in Italy and I couldn’t risk unintentionally asking a hairdresser in Italian to shave my head or something! So, by the time I got home and had my hair appointment, I had gone about 8.5 months without a haircut…yikes! I finally decided I would chop it after coming home and I am loving it short – such a great change for the fall season. Although, I’m already thinking about trying something different next time I go in…you’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Here are some before and after pictures!




Thanks for reading!

What a Wonderful World

The beauty of living in Europe was the ease of travel in such a short amount of time. As our time in bella Italia was coming to an end, we decided to go out with a bang and take one last big trip! We went to England, Scotland and France! Not only were we so close to all these places, it was also incredibly cheap to fly! It was truly a trip of a lifetime.

First stop – London, England. We fell in love the moment we got there. This magical place turned out to be our absolute favourite city. It was so quaint and filled with character. The architecture of the buildings was so different from Italy, but absolutely beautiful. While in London, it was absolutely imperative that we began every morning with a full English breakfast  – toast buttered to the max, beans, sausage, eggs, bacon, tomato, hashbrowns and a “pint” of coffee! YUM! We watched the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace which was quite a spectacle – it felt like we were in a whole other world. We did all the typical sights of London – the Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, Thames River, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Covent Gardens, London Eye. However, a lot of these places we just admired from the outside as the cost to go inside the various cathedrals were crazy, particularly because the exchange to Canadian dollars is almost double. Despite our budget travel tactics, the sights were all amazing and wonderful to see! One tourist trap we did splurge on was the making of Harry Potter. This was a 3 hour tour that had all the real sets, costumes, and props from the movies– and being a huge Harry Potter nerd…it was so worth it! We ate at a Canadian pub which was super exciting, mainly because one of the bartenders was from London, Ontario…small world! On our last night, we went to see Stomp – this was the coolest performance I’ve ever seen and I highly recommend it. When we came out of the theatre, we saw a flock of paparazzi with all their gear and a group of human beings with Jason Statham posters – we thought “There’s no way Jason Statham is in that bar.” We quickly got our cameras ready just in case – Teron would take pictures and I would video-tape it. A few minutes later, the flash of the cameras was overwhelming, and we see Jason Statham walk out! We literally could have touched him – it was 1 minute of pure shock and awe. He is one of our favourite action stars, and in the words of my mother “sexy bitch, isn’t he.” We couldn’t stop laughing after – what are the chances we see Jason Statham– what a way to finish our 4 crazy days in London. Next stop – Edinburgh.

We stayed 3 nights with my cousin in a cute little village in Edinburgh. The houses were so charming and quite like hobbit houses…I kept thinking I was going to bump into Frodo or Bilbo Baggins! Good timing on our part as the Fringe Festival, apparently the biggest art festival in the world, was in full swing upon our arrival. The crowds and street performers were fascinating! We went to a pub called Jekyll and Hyde and watched some improv, then went to an acrobatic performance. This kind of performance always leaves me in awe – I honestly don’t know how they do it. Our second day we went to Camera Obscura which had really cool optical illusions, partook in a whisky tour and become whisky experts, and visited the Edinburgh castle. Our last meal in Edinburgh was a true Scottish experience – haggis, neeps and tatties (neeps = rutabaga, tatties = potato) – it was delicious. My cousin has a “pet” snake which had been shedding during our stay (he was literally sleeping under a rock for 3 days) but thank my lucky stars, he finished this freaky snake ritual just in time so I was able to hold and cuddle him before our departure…In fact, I almost started crying at the sight of my cousin holding the snake – eventually I got used to the beast and even wore him around my neck…for about a half second, until he started slithering down my back.

Last stop – Paris. This was my second time in Paris and it was just as wonderful – I had a lot of fun mimicking photos I took on my mother-daughter trip circa 2008. At this point, the go-go-go of our trip was really catching up with us, but we powered through. We went to the Eiffel tower before sunset so we were able to see the glorious French icon in daylight as well as lit up and glittery at night!! We walked to the Louvre, went to Notre-Dame, St.Sulpice, Sacre Coeur Basilica and Monmartre. I am always awestruck by the sheer greatness of these really effing old buildings… how did humans build them way back when, before machines and cranes? The only plausible explanation is magic…must have been magic. We also had some great French food – croissants (of course), baguettes for lunch, and our last Parisian meal, I dined on beef bourguignon with potatoes and carrots. That meal always reminds of the movie Julie and Julia. We also had our fair share of crepes while we were there. Sadly, the day came where we had to go home…home to Torino which certainly made it not too bad!

The 10 days we spent traveling were unforgettable!




IMG_9643Oh hey Jason…



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